Matt Van Dyke - Glute Layering Model


Matt Van Dyke talks about achieving a state of explosion through the utilization of the glutes as a primary hip extensor.


The biggest goal is ultimately to create a state of explosion. What you’re going to see throughout this presentation is that the goal is to address the hip extension firing pattern, and that should be starting with the glutes, then, to the hamstring (same side) and then, to the opposite side QL. What we’ll start to see with our athletes is, through structural or other issues, {they} will not be capable of completing this and thus no longer completing “state of explosion” type of movements, where {they}’re starting to drive in if {they}’re driving from {their} back or hamstrings, and then that’s going to lead to an increased injury likelihood.

So, with this model, the ultimate goal is to create this state of explosion through a few different layers that we’ll cover throughout this presentation. This is going to maximize movement efficiency with your athletes. When they’re in that state of explosion they’re utilizing their glutes as their primary hip extensors, as they should be, and that reduces injury likelihood. By utilizing this, the soft tissue and catastrophic injuries seen (potential non-contact ACL’s) and hamstrings overutilization, which is what we see in those athletes that no longer utilize that state of explosion, {are going to} decrease dramatically, as we’re taking the tension away from the hamstrings, and utilizing them in the manner that they’re actually designed to be used.

We’re going to try and transfer this state of explosion and optimal firing pattern into our athlete’s competitive events. So, as we progress through this, you’re going to see the application, starting from the basic ground level (structural function: pieces that we use), all the way to how we program this into training, to ensure that athletes are utilizing those patterns.

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