Travis Mash - Olympic Lifts Progression


Weightlifting coach Travis Mash shows the basics to teaching the clean.


Now that we’ve gone over the snatch, we’ll go over cleans. The good thing is once you’ve thought the athlete how to snatch, it’s really a repeat when we’re talking cleans. The only difference is the way you catch the weight. In the snatch it goes from the floor immediately over your head; in the clean is goes from the floor, to the shoulders and then over the head. {...} We’ll go over the basics real quick : {...} we’re still doing the hook grip we’ve talked about with the thumb under the fingers; the elbows are still out; the shoulders are down; feet are hip width {...}.
We’re going to go straight into the power position, which is position #1. Bend your knees six inches; {...} the torso is straight. {...} Now, the rack position: the bar is going to sit right behind the front delts. In a perfect world, you’d catch it {...} with the full grip. Obviously, if I can maintain the full grip when I’m pulling under the bar, I can maintain more of a contact with the bar {...}. If I have to let go and catch it with two fingers, there’s going to be a point where I can’t hold the bar anymore {...}. Elbows are up, but they don’t have to be super high: the key is where the bar touches, which is behind the shoulders, right by the throat. {...}

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