Spencer Arnold - The Clean


Spencer Arnold talks about the importance of setting up properly for the power position in the clean.


If you don't get this, right, You can't get anything, right. So if I do everything right from the floor, and then I get to the upper quad here, this is power position and do it wrong, I haven't really done anything right at that point, right.

So I can do everything right to this position, and then do it wrong from here and send the bar forward or mess up how I pull under the squat, pull into the bar, and in doing that will eliminate all the good I've done.

So this condition, I think it's most important because if you doing right and and do everything wrong here, it doesn't matter. So common faults here are, as you typically will see I talked about this, you'll typically see people who want to be back here with their shoulders. The problem with that is that if I'm back here with my shoulders, all my weight is back on my heels, And so my hips are right, my back, my shoulders, it's gonna put my hips right here, and I have nowhere to go.

So imagine a body that looks like this. Okay, my hips have nowhere to go at this place, except this way. Right? And so what's that going to do to the bar, it's going to send the bar out front. And so then you're gonna have a lifter who gets the top of the pull, and the bars out here somewhere and the back's back here somewhere, And they're just gonna miss the bar forward.

So biggest, biggest, biggest, biggest thing I see is that people get their shoulders back too early. Right, they end up back here and then the bar goes forward. A lot of times that is evidenced by them being up in their toes at the power position. So a lot of folks if you go back and look at your videos, I bet you'll see this because I know very few people who do this really well.

A lot of people will get to this position. And all the weight instead of being in the center of the foot, like we want all the weight is up in their toes and their heels are off the ground. If you do that, it all that's going to do, The only thing you're going to create in that position is a horizontal displacement of the barbell, you're going to see the bar moving forward because all the weight's moving forward, in your foot, your hips are moving forward, the bar reacts to that force and moves forward. At the same time you're going back this way so you're your feet are gonna move back here, but the bar is gonna be out here somewhere. And if you're going to catch it and put a ton of strain on your back, or you're going to miss that thing out front by mile


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