Dr Mike Israetel - Advanced Nutritional Concepts


Dr. Israetel explains the most important elements of a diet.


Here is the meat and potatoes of basic nutrition. If we’re trying to lose fat, or gain muscle or enhance performance, calories, or calorie intake, are our number one consideration. If you want to gain muscle, a hypercaloric diet (you eat more calories than you burn) is number one; if you want to lose fat, a hypocaloric diet (less calories than you burn) is number one. It counts for probably 50% of diet success {..}. If somebody tells you, “you can eat all the food you want but you’ll {still} lose weight”, that’s bullshit. If somebody tells you that you don’t have to stuff yourself and you’ll get as huge as possible, that’s also bullshit. Next point: {...} macros. Macros are proteins; carbs; fats. Protein: essential for muscle building, for muscle repair, to maintain muscle as you lose fat, {...} the most important of the macros. Probably a 1g/lbs/day is a good idea to get {...}. Carbohydrates: {...} you want to have plenty of carbs to fuel the demands of your training, to allow you to recover, and also probably to stimulate muscle growth as well. Carbs are generally on a “as needed” basis: {...} anywhere between 1-3g/lbs/day; generally fuels activity, and that {amount} should be matched to activity at the very least. Fats: we don’t really use fats directly for a lot of athletic stuff but a minimal amount of them supports hormonal function, {...} if your fats get too low, your body tells everything else to just fuck off, and it won’t do anything you want. So, a minimal amount of fats, probably 0.3g/lbs/day is a good idea. So, for example if you’re 200lbs, that’s 60g of fats: you go much lower below that, not much good happens. If you stay above that figure, and you just add it, a lot of really good stuff happens.

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