Dr Ben House - Nutrition


Dr. House explains the concept of cognitive oversight as it applies to nutrition.


The food environment that we have right now is so different from what we evolved in. So there is an evolutionnary mismatch with food. So that brings us to how do we influence this system.

If we are primarly governed by short term energy cues, we have to have some kind of cognitive oversight. And this is insanely important, maybe the most important thing on this side.

I use, this is kind of the art of this (I’m not going to go into macros, I just don’t have time, if you want that information you’re going to have to get it from me somewhere else). So, when we think about cognitive oversight,it really becomes « what level of cognitive oversight do you want to live at, long term? » Because americans, and probably any industrialized country, they’re very good at losing weight. What they’re badat is maintaining weight loss, and that is very very dangerous, as we’re going to talk about later. And so when I think about cognitive oversight I think about different levels of oversight. The brain controlling intake right? I need to think about this, I need to move this from the more limit areas of the brain to the pre-frontal cortex to the more executive functions, I need to wake up and have some dampening of those wants, I need to be aware of my social habits, things like that.

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