Greg Muller - Lessons from Inside the Ropes of Elite Sports (part 1)


Greg Muller talks about the importance of having a « growth » mindset to be succesful in sports and in life.


« Growth mindest, that person will take on new challenges, and even if it’s very difficult and they don’t get the outcomes, or they don’t get the schools or etc, that they were looking for, what they do is they’ll go away, and they’ll say : « that was a great opportunity to learn, how can I get better at that? ». And they’ll continue to challenge themselves like that. Whereas someone with a fixed mindest will feel that those challenge they are the limit of themselves, and they will avoid those challenges.

So, as I said there, not intimidated by being challenged, the growth mindset; (…) they value the input from all sources. In today’s world, we perhaps have staff members that work for us, we don’t know what they’re doing in their spare time but they could be researching on the internet or reading certain books and they may have some key learnings that could be the ingredient for our next level of evolvment as a team or as a group. The last point is, there are no boundaries. In the past, we’ve had these strict boundaries : you’re the fitness instructor, you know? And as I alluded to before, with F. Connelly’s work, he spoke about that person being dead, the pure strength and conditionning coach. Well, in my mind they’ve always been dead.

The point is, if we create these boundaries or pigeon-hole people into certain roles or responsabilities, which we certainly need to do, and I dont want people to get that wrong, you still need to be first class at your job, but if you’re seeing an athlete or a person in the team who’s lacking in a certain area, then you need to have the environment where you can step up or state that this area needs to be adressed. And we’ll talk about that more in one of the other principles. »

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