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Dr Bryan Mann

Dr. Bryan Mann is currently an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences at the University of Miami.  He has been in the field of strength & conditioning at the college level since 1998.  He has coached at Southwest Missouri State University, Arizona State University, University of Tulsa and the University of Missouri.  

He had the fortune of working with some athletes who went on to be professional athletes and Olympians.  Mann is most well known for his popularization of various methods of autoregulation of training such as velocity based training and the autoregulatory progressive resistance exercise protocol.  Through these methods athletes are able to see rapid increases in strength and power by progressing at their own rates of adaptation.  Mann has been involved in researching different aspects of athletic performance beyond just strength and power with his publication "The effects of academic stress on illness and injury in division 1 football," where they found the likelihood of injury for a starter was actually higher during an academically stressful week as compared to training camp.  

Mann has been all over the world speaking on these topics and his talents have been utilized by multiple professional sporting organizations in consulting on velocity based training and other topics.





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